Spanish Moss Venue

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The large, Spanish Moss venue on The Ranch at San Patricio is a perfect rental option for proms, weddings, banquets, and even family reunions. Nearby is the outdoor chapel, where you can plan a beautiful, outdoor wedding ceremony.


The beautiful Spanish Moss venue at The Ranch at San Patricio is the largest venue located on the ranch, accommodating up to 300 guests. It is not a venue that is just limited to weddings, but many companies and schools take advantage of the Spanish Moss building for client events, proms, and fund raisers.

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As with Driftwood, Spanish Moss contains a beautiful outdoor chapel that is just steps away from the main building. The Spanish Moss chapel overlooks a nearby pond and the local Texas landscape, making it a great backdrop for any outdoor wedding. The Ranch at San Patricio has a set of brown, vintage church pews for guests to sit while taking in your wedding.


If inclement weather happens to occur – whether it is in the form of rain, sleet, or wind – you can easily move your celebration indoors to the main Spanish Moss venue. Perform your vows and wedding ceremony at the outdoor Spanish Moss chapel, and move guests inside for a one of a kind reception.

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The vaulted ceilings and large, wooden beams of the Spanish Moss building add a classic, Texas touch to your event. There is ample space inside of the main Spanish Moss venue for all of your guests, plus a great dancing floor. Large, vintage chandeliers hang from the ceiling to provide gentle lighting at night.


It also contains a large, brick fireplace with a vintage mantle piece, on which you can set flowers and framed photos of the bride and groom. Large windows surround the side of the Spanish Moss building, lending an outdoor feel to your event, while adding a sense of space.


The Spanish Moss covered porch is a great place for guests to sit back and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the events taking place inside. If an inside party, celebration, or reception is not quite what you desire, then take the party outside onto the covered porch of the Spanish Moss building.

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The nearby pond contains a long wooden deck that is a great photography setting. The large trees surrounding The Ranch, especially the Spanish Moss building and outdoor chapel, always look great as a photography setting. You can also add elements from The Ranch’s vintage rentals to add a special touch to your wedding or engagement photography.

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Ranch at San Patricio