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Benefits of a Countryside Wedding

There are many decisions for soon-to-be brides and grooms to make as a wedding date approaches, and one of the first and most important is the decision between wedding venues. The location and feel of a wedding ceremony and reception go a long way to defining the big day.

For people who lean toward an outdoor wedding venue with beautiful aesthetics and a countryside to take in, The Ranch at San Patricio couldn’t be more perfect. What are some of the specific benefits many people find in having their wedding in a country setting, and how might it benefit you? Let’s have a look.

Beauty and Aesthetics

First and foremost, the beauty that comes with a countryside setting is perfect for this romantic day. Scenery provides a fantastic backdrop for the ceremony and copious wedding photos, plus adds a charm and traditional beauty to the proceedings. Guests can enjoy the environment in comfort, from drinks during the reception to post-dinner relaxation. If the ambiance of your wedding makes a big difference to you, look no further.

Classic Wedding, Contemporary Service

Some may inherently assume that a country wedding venue equals some reduction in the typical services provided, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our planners and staff deal with weddings every week of the year, and we’re prepared with all the amenities you’d expect in a traditional setting – plus many extras you can’t find elsewhere.


Parking can be a hassle for some weddings, but with a country venue, this isn’t a concern. In fact, some folks who choose inner-city weddings might even see a few guests miss out due to traffic or transportation issues – ample parking and space in a countryside setting makes this less of a concern.

Separate Venue

As the bride or groom, do you really want to go through one of the most special days of your life…and then head back home or to a rote hotel? Instead, imagine being able to finish out the day in the same beautiful atmosphere, with all the room amenities you’d need, with a deck and a swimming pool available? A countryside venue like The Ranch allows that big day to be fully realized.

Want to learn more about our outdoor wedding venue, or any of our services? Speak to the booking experts at The Ranch at San Patricio today.

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