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Keeping Guests Cool and Comfortable

Everyone wants a beautiful wedding, and many people choose an outdoor wedding venue like The Ranch at San Patricio to further accentuate the beauty of the ceremonies. An outdoor venue gives a special ambiance to what was already a very special day.

For those holding summer weddings, we know the Texas heat is no joke. Our facilities are fully air conditioned, with secondary areas available in case of sudden rain or unexpected weather. Here are a few of the specific areas you can utilize while planning a summer wedding to ensure that guests are cool and comfortable while outdoors.


Shade is the obvious first area to look to, and we have plenty of shaded areas at The Ranch for those in need. To create additional shade, consider a canopy – this can also double as a beautiful decoration. Ensure that elderly guests have a space reserved in the shade, and if there are real heat concerns for several guests, consider giving out miniature umbrellas for folks to shade themselves in their seats. These will also look great in wedding pictures!

Summer Treats

If you’re enjoying the ceremony outside, start catering early with cocktails in popsicle form – poptails – before the wedding gets started. Serve fruity and festive popsicle-style items.

When choosing dinner options, keep it appropriate for the weather. Emphasize fresh fruits, salads and a cool dessert like ice cream. Avoid heavy foods that may cause guests to perspire.

Practical Wedding Favors

Wedding favors should be cute and commemorative, but they can also be practical. Consider items like paper fans on every guest seat, with a cute saying or date written on them – they’ll appreciate the party favor, but also the ability to fan themselves. Reusable water bottles (with a water station nearby) can also be a good idea.

For more information on our wedding venue or to discuss a private event, speak to the friendly staff at The Ranch at San Patricio today.


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