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Popular Fall Wedding Trends

Fall is upon us, and for many people, that means the perfect season for a lovely wedding. At The Ranch at San Patricio, we’re your first stop for wedding reception locations, wedding rentals and everything in between.

What are some of the typical trends you may be interested in following regarding weddings that take place during the autumn season? Here are a few of the biggest areas here, from basic colors and cake designs to the bridal dress and flower arrangements.


There are many colors that can work for a fall wedding, and the key here is just staying within your scheme. Some people prefer traditional colors like plum and burgundy, complemented by basic pastel and neutral colors. Some people go with darker hues, which can give off an air that reminds guests of the naturally changing weather and surroundings this time of year. Finally, accenting the color palette with a metallic color can give you a brightening quality and add depth to your look. Copper is a particularly popular metallic look.


With the fall season comes humble tiers and topper-less cakes, two mainstays of the season. A clean, textured look surrounded by basic blooms or greenery are all the rage, and some couples are even looking “translucent” cakes that have a thin veil of frosting with a bit of the cake showing underneath. In addition, the latest trends have wedding cakes shrinking – cutting the cake is still a valuable tradition, but it’s being supplemented with additional treat options more and more.


Fall can mean dipping temperatures, particularly in the evening, so sleeves and layers are in. Two-piece separates are in vogue these days, with full-length skirts for a personalized look. Also, consider a second dress that allows the bride to be comfortable and dance the night away.


This is a season where you look for leafy, green, wild-looking bouquets. Provide some pizzazz with berries and small vines of ivy, a look that can give a very outdoor feel for this season.


These days, the trendy thing at a fall wedding is customized food and drink stations – not just your basic dessert bar. Things like coffee stands, passed-out appetizers and build-your-own food stations can add a fun bit of unique flavor to the wedding while sticking within the theme. If you have the budget, consider hiring an expert for one of these areas to really spice things up.

Want to learn more about fall fashion trends, or interested in any of our services for wedding rentals or ceremonies? Speak to the expert planners at The Ranch at San Patricio today.


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