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Spring Wedding Trends and Themes

Spring is an incredibly popular time for many weddings, and at The Ranch at San Patricio, our venues are always busy this time of year. Everything from wedding rentals to venue and ceremony considerations can be framed within a spring theme, one that many brides and grooms are attracted to.

Whether it’s the flower arrangements or the bridal dress, there are numerous areas of wedding planning that can be infused with a spring theme. Here are a few basic spring wedding trends and decoration ideas.


Spring brings blossoming flora and fauna of many colors, and this profusion of beauty is often what causes some brides to choose this time of year in the first place. There are so many options here, so be sure not to confuse yourself. If you’re leaning toward warm tones, colors like intense pinks, reds, oranges and yellows allow a wide range of flowers to choose from.

Flower motifs often show up on dresses for bridesmaids, or items like flower crowns for younger girls in attendance. The possibilities are virtually endless with this theme, which lines up perfectly with the season.


Pastel colors come with muted tones, and these are a perfect complement to many natural elements of spring. Maybe each bridesmaid gets a dress with a slightly different pastel color, to create a living bouquet of pastels and make those bridal photos really leap off the page. Men can also get in on the fun – a light blue linen suit, for instance, can be a great complement to a light pink wedding dress or even a white gown.

Easter Themes

Depending on your religious preferences, the Easter Bunny could work its way into the wedding in a fun and tasteful way. If there are plenty of children present, an old-fashioned egg hunt could be a great time. For an older audience, maybe each guest gets a handwritten egg as a wedding keepsake.

For more wedding theme ideas, or to learn more about our venues or any of our other wedding services, speak to the knowledgeable staff at The Ranch at San Patricio today.

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